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  1. Olympia Landscape Contractor • Landscaping Services for the South Sound
    Evergreen Valley Landscape is a landscape contractor that can bring your landscaping ideas to life. Contact us at (360)459-0599
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    In this post we will talk about itemizing. With tax season here it's always good to know ways on reducing your taxes, which is done by reducing the amount of your taxable income. Reducing your taxable income requires reducing your (AGI) adjusted gross income then by applying more qualifying deductions. Example; itemizing is a list of deductible expenses that "surpass" your standard deduction (see standard deduction at for 2013. Student loans, medical expenses, property ...

    Have you paid any legal fees in connection with your job? This is a question we ask our clients and we always get that look then the question, why is that a write off or can I write that off? The answer is yes, now let me explain: If you need a lawyer to defend your job (administrative or criminal), business or tax matters you can take the deduction(write off). Think of it this way, if you lose your job you lose your income which means no more "taxable" income from you to the government. ...
  4. A history of bankruptcy in the US

    The legal means of dealing with insolvency which we know today as bankruptcy hasn’t always been around. If a person were to suddenly find themselves unable to pay their debts, there would be no legal options available for them to discharge their debts and start fresh. Instead they would probably face criminal charges and end up in prison. In fact it was the harsh punishment which led the US to adopt the bankruptcy code that we have in place today.

    Robert Morris and the beginning of ...
  5. Indian spices and Eastern medicine

    More and more research is beginning to support many of the Eastern medicine theories that have been around for centuries. For instance, a recent study done by the British Journal of Nutrition found that ginger can impede the spread of prostate cancer cells. Other research shows that turmeric, another common Indian spice, can be used to treat arthritis, liver disease, and even Alzheimer’s. With more and more attention being paid to some of these natural remedies that have been around since ancient ...
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